You have twenty years behind you, but you still have your whole life ahead of you.

Relax. You are also going to travel. You’ll go from one city to another, converse in multiple languages, explore districts to countries. When you do, you’re going to meet people who will deeply impact you. You’re going to converse with people who are different from you, similar to you people who you like or might not like. Hear their stories. What frightens them, what motivates them, what

keeps them going. And you’re going to find out that there is more to life than any of this.

You will feel pain, sadness, discomfort. But you will also feel alive, exuberant, human.

Sometimes you will fuck up and make mistakes. You are going to fail, be misunderstood, get ragged. You’re going to get tired. But you are also going to realize that it is okay to fail. You will be telling yourself to rest on days you lack motivation, feel the ugliest, or have the smallest of hope, but you are going to acknowledge that giving up won’t be your best option. You are most likely going to lose yourself in the process, but you are also going to find yourself there. You are going to create something for yourself and for the people you love. You’re going to tear yourself into pieces pursuing after what you want, and learn to love yourself for it. And it will be the best damn thing ever.

You are going to fall in love. One day. It could be a few years from now. Or maybe tomorrow. Next week. Or who knows when. You are going to make yourself believe in love again. Because you are not as cold as ice as you would like to think. You are a product of combined heartaches, growing wisdom, and rational hope. Can you count how many times you told yourself and other people you are never going to fall in love again? Can you count how many times you lied and knew it? You are young, and don’t need to say more.

This is literally a journey you are supposed to be taking. Consider yourself the driver. The creator. You’re twenty years old stop doubting yourself.

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