You are here for yourself, first and foremost.

The people who walk along with you on the journey are never to be taken for granted, but they are also never to be utilized for your own emotional labor.

Because the truth is that it is nobody else’s job to make us feel safe, to make us feel that ail is well and right.

Until you are at home in your own heart, you will never make peace with the world.

This is because you will constantly be requiring things to be different than they are, constantly be needing people to fulfill your own expectations of them, constantly needing to weave around your fears and your triggers.

What you have to realize instead is that home is not an idea, it’s not a place, it’s a way of being.

It’s a way you show up to your life and make it your own.

It’s a way you find comfort in the contours of who you are, not who you might one day become.

It’s the way you seek presence in all things, to realize that nothing is meant to be perfect, but everything is a new experience that you didn’t have before, and might never have again.

Making a home within yourself is knowing you will always be okay not because everything will go the way you initially planned, but because you will adapt even if it doesn’t.

Making a home within yourself is knowing that you will always move forward not because it won’t be hard to let go, but because you can do hard things.

Making a home within yourself is knowing that you will always return to peace, not because you will always be comfortable, but because you are willing to feel uncomfortable in order to have the life you’ve asked for.

We are not alive to coast.

We are not alive to seek safe spaces within the idea of another.

We are here to realize that we are the source of our own existence, of all that we create, of all that we are.

We are here to bring ourselves home, and then to show others the way back to themselves.

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