To you, She’s not average. She’s moody. Grouchy.

”To you, She’s not average. She’s moody. Grouchy. Happy. Loving. Indecisive and Eager. She’s kind hearted.

She has lonely nights. Reassure her that you are there, even if she refuses to talk to you. She will come back in the morning.

Sometimes she distances herself, let her have her space then pull her closer. Don’t you ever let her go.

Her nose gets cold easily. Stay warm, you never know when she will need the crease in your neck to keep it from getting too chilly.

She‘s insecure sometimes. Tell her how she can take your breath away. Tell her she’s flawless with her hair pulled up and sweat pants on.

When you lay with her and you are holding her, pull her closer. Always pull her closer.

If you rub her arm make sure it’s the bottom half because she’s ticklish on top.

Don’t touch her ear. In any circumstance. She hates it. You will annoy her. Just stop talking and listen instead. Sometimes she just likes to be heard.

The perfect cure to a bad morning is chocolate, an icee, or Starbucks. (Vanilla bean). And give her one of your hoodies. She likes to sleep in them.

You will love her mom. They’re just alike. If she’s like her in the future you’re one lucky son of a bitch.

She drinks. Drink with her. But don’t get drunk because you need to be the one who helps her into bed and makes sure she’s fully covered. Then plays with her hair until she falls asleep.

If you think she’s beautiful without makeup, just wait till you see her sleepy eyes in the morning.

Never fail to make her laugh. Anything you can think of. If you want to see happiness it’s her when she laughs. It’s contagious and you’ll fall more in love every time.

If she ever feels unwanted you aren‘t doing your job right.

When she looks at you with those big hazel eyes, and it kills you a little bit inside, don’t you dare look away. If she leaves, your biggest regret will be not looking at them long enough.”

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