The night after he tells you that he doesn’t love you anymore, everything inside of you will shatter.

The night after he tells you that he doesn’t love you anymore, everything inside of you will shatter. The days that follow will be horrible, you’re going to take refuge in your bed till you run out of tears to cry. The nights will be worse, when you get tired of sobbing and screaming into your pillow you’ll look for distractions, anything that makes you stop thinking about him for a while and when that doesn’t work anymore you’re going to crawl back into bed and you’re going to picture his face the minute you close your eyes and you’ll burst into a sob and his voice will echo in your ears and every little thing about him that once made you feel at ease will make you want to scream to make it stop, it’s an overwhelming feeling and it doesn’t stop till it exhausts you.

Your friends are going to get tired of you being sad all the time and you’ll notice but do nothing about it, you’ll turn into a bomb waiting to explode, every bit of rationality will leave you because you wouldn’t have slept for nights. You’re going to be angry with him, the people that care about you and everything small and insignificant.

But as the days go by you will repair yourself little by little, you will listen to soothing instrumentals to help yourself sleep. You will eat your meals on time, take care of your body and drink lots of water but mostly you will give yourself time to accept the things that have happened and let yourself find peace with the loss that has made you change as a person.

You’re going to wake up tomorrow, the morning after and every other morning till it’s not so hard to breathe anymore.

It’s going to get easier. And if you start to lose yourself, set your old self free and make a brand new version of yourself; make you the person you want to be, the kind of person that makes you want to look in the mirror and say, “I’m proud of myself” because people are not constant, but you are and so are your dreams. Don’t let somebody else’s lack of love for you define your self worth. You’re going to get through this and make something beautiful out of your life one day.


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