Sometimes I wonder. Really wonder!

Sometimes I wonder. Really wonder.

Whether our souls were really created from the same dying star. Whether the lines of our lives were always meant to cross and tied. Whether God, the universe, or whatever that may hold the key of destiny, truly wrote our lives to be together. Whether or not our meeting were predestined, that the day we met was something thoughtfully planned by the creators of everything.

Or maybe there were really no plans at all. Maybe there’s no grand blueprint revolving our world, and we were just created to be as we are and be done for. Maybe we weren’’t even supposed to meet by any means, but we did anyway. Maybe the profound connection we felt is born from nothing but years of open arms and unconditional love.

I wonder if all of this is meant to happen or not. Because if it did, I would like to thank whoever it is that brought you into my life, for writing it in the stars that you and are meant to be.

And if not? If the world is just one big ball of mess colliding with each other? Well, I guess I’ll have to thank you. For finding me. For your soul to meet mine, and welcome it without a doubt.

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