Qualites of a True friend.

We have witnessed each other fall and triumph. We have shared our disappointments and heartbreaks. We have lifted each other up. We have congratulated each other on our accomplishments. We have scolded each other when we were fucking up. We have spent late nights talking about life. We have comforted each other when we were in pain. We have had happy moments and enjoyed each other’s laughter.

                           A good friend is a good life!
Lately, I have realized that quality friends are what matter, not the quantity. I don’t need a large group of friends when I have a handful of friends that constantly remind me all the time that they are there for me in every way possible.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes I just want to be alone and it has nothing to do with our friendship. Thank you for making me smile when I was downhearted and felt like my days were dragging by. Thank you for bringing light into my world that was slowly becoming black.

Thank you for letting me vent when I’m upset.

Thank you for letting me pour my heart out to you in a text message that resembles a short novel, and letting me rant to you in the car.

Thank you for not taking advantage of my kindness and loyalty.

Thank you for all the fun times we have shared.
Thank you for entering my life.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for being you.

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