Loving yourself is not arrogant, it is a necessity.

Loving yourself is not arrogant, it is a necessity. It is a gift that doesn’t come easily but when it does, you will never want to let it go. You will smile differently. You will laugh differently. You will feel differently. You will love differently. There will be no desperation to make people see who you are because if they don’t, that’s okay. Not everyone is supposed to see you. You will see yourself and you won’t need validation from anybody else because you are enough.

You learn that sometimes, people are not meant to stay in your life because you are on different paths but you thank them for being a part of your growth and are not afraid to see them walk away. Cherishing the memories and the lessons they taught you and using them to flourish into the beautiful swan you are destined to be.

Relationships will become more about quality rather than quantity.

You will refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve. You will find solace in being alone. You will learn that being on your own is better than being in a relationship that makes you feel alone. That when someone hurts you, this has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them. It is not your place to fix them or to forgive them because you are every bit worthy of being treated with respect. You will continue to search for your tribe no matter how long it takes walking the road on your own.

When you practice self-love, you are telling the universe that you are ready. Ready to align with all your wildest dreams and hearts desires. You have taken the time to work on the most precious person in your life, you. You‘re telling the world that you have grown into your own skin and are ready to receive in abundance. Because when you love yourself, you will only attract those who are on the same vibration. You will acknowledge your repeating patterns and recognize that nothing will ever go away until it has taught you what you need to know to unlock the next level in this game. »

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