33 Ways To Live A Better Life.

Life is for living, and here are my top 33 ways to live a better life . How many will you experience today?

        Life is so beautiful.

1. Stop replying to unworthy messages just to keep a conversation going.
2. Don‘t start forced conversations.
3. Stop waiting for Fridays, live for Mondays, live for everyday, your weekends only make a fraction of your life.
4. Be happy being alone, but learn to appreciate company.
5. Stop holding grudges, learn to forgive.
6. Be enthusiastic about everything!
7. Learn to put the past behind you.
8. Stop being afraid of silence.
9. Talk less, watch more.
10. Don’t wonder ‘what if’. If it was meant to happen, it would have happened.
11. Read more, you’ll be glad you did.
12. Learn to be apathetic about people leaving, hold the door open for them.
13. Know your own self-worth, love yourself most.
14. Accept mistakes, perfection is often fake.
15. Draw stuff, make stuff, make art.
16. Spend more time outdoors.
17. But know that sometimes just getting out of bed is enough of an achievement.
18. Listen to happy music, listen to sad music, listen to something that keeps the silence from your ears.
19. See your friends more often, but also find comfort in spending time just watching the world go by on your own.
20. Don’t be afraid of terminating toxic relationships.
21. Smile more, smile at everybody. Sometimes they’ll need a smile more than you.
22. Find a reason to get up every morning, and a reason to go to sleep smiling.
23. Follow through with your ideas, no matter how small or silly they may seem.
24. Take more pictures, they’ll be perfect for nostalgia later on.
25. Plan for the future, but don’t live in the planning, things
26. Get good sleep. but stay up until 4am every now and then, and observe how you change.
27. Write. Write songs, write stories, write poems. Write.
28. Sing, nobody really cares whether you‘re bad.
29. Stop waiting for people to miss you, if they’re not with you, they don’t deserve to be.
30. Curse less.
31. Love more.
32. Become as happy as it’s possible for you to be.
33. Repeat all.“

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